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La prima lettura dell’anno

26 agosto 2008

Eye ha inaugurato da poco il proprio blog. Ho letto con grande interesse l’articolo di Nick BellStop worrying about the craft and seek the purpose of design“. Soprattutto la parte finale: «we don’t know what graphic design is for any more. We seem to have lost sight of its purpose. Is it because there are now so many different ways to practise it? Craft – particularly the typographic variety – weighs heavily in graphic design. Craft resonates with designers more than ideas, much as we hate to admit it. […] great ideas being passed over because ‘I didn’t rate the type’.

L’immagine è di Make Make Make.


Vacanze, tempo della libertà

1 agosto 2008

Boy Leaning out Car Window © Richard Schultz/Corbis

«Everything is considered a brand these days. Why not summer? It has the characteristics of a brand: Brand attributes – heat, long days, short pants, time off. It has a brand’s personality – smiling, casual, fun-loving, deeply nostalgic. It has its own sounds (katydids in the afternoon), sights (fireflies at dusk) and smells (sea salt or cattle feed lots, depending on where you live). The only reason that summer would not be considered a brand is this: No one is actively measuring and managing its brand value… There are no brand consultants for summer… No publicists… No logo designers… Summer just happens, and no one is in charge of it… but you.»

Claude Singer